Vision and Goals


  • To assist Genealogy members with their family history and genealogical research by actively providing opportunities for the development of genealogical skills and studies - representing the interests of the members of the wider community, and promoting the presentation of information

  • To develop and maintain the Waitara History Project Group and Waitara Genealogy Branch Resource Library and holdings

  • To protect the history, the values, and the importance of the Resource library to the Waitara community - Our shared asset.

  • To contribute to the historical knowledge of the community as requested

  • To offer a diverse range of information from as many available resources as possible

  • To provide the Waitara community with an accessible and dynamic educational resource with Maori and European records and history

  • To present and develop the Resource Library in the best way possible - a shared asset that compliments the valued work of all our community volunteers

  • To protect all our resources at all times

  • To recognise the Resource Library and Genealogy Branch holdings as an important community asset



Use and Accessibility:

  • To provide for all Resource Library users - Researchers, Students, Genealogists, Historians, etc. adequate access to all resources


  • To promote information from as many sources as possible


  • To provide the opportunity that will enable the Resource Library to be utilised as a community educational resource

Community Input:

  • To acknowledge the importance of the Resource Library to the community and the value of the community input. While keeping the community involved with the progress and development of the Resource Library


  • To ensure an educational approach for the future of the Resource Library, while significantly maintaining progressive development


  • To ensure that the interests of the Resource Library are best serviced through appropriate management practices and support.

  • To ensure that the facilities provided of the Resource Library are managed appropriately to meet the needs of all users