Section 8e
Title Author Section
Stones From The spring School publications Branch Department Of education 8e
The World regained Dennis McEldowney 8e
reading In The Early Years New Zealand educational institute 8e
External Economic structure and policy edited by R. S. Deane, P. W. E. Nicholl & M. J. Marsh 8e
Puzzle Boards Margaret Bowater 8e
Born With The Century novel by William Kinsolving 8e
The Tropical pacific N. V. Harris 8e
The Hornet's Nest by Sally Watson 8e
white Lies/ A Day At A Time Craig Harrison / David Hill 8e
A Short History Of English People by John Richard Green 8e
I Play And I Grow New Zealand Playcentre federation 8e
An Anthology of Writing from Southland children The Southland community Arts Council & the Southland reading Association 8e
Evergreen edited by Roy Faiers 8e
The Sky and The Forest C. S. Forester 8e
Endless Story published by Hodder & Stoughton 8e
The Three Musketeers Vol. 1 Alexander Dumas 8e
Jane eyre Charlotte Bronte 8e
The Four Of Us Olga P. Meyer 8e
Palgrave's Golden Treasury printed By J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd 8e
Guy Mannering or The astrologer Sir Walter Scott 8e
Villette Charlotte Bronte 8e
Les Trois Mousquetaires Alexander Dumas 8e
Shafts Of Sunlight Rita F. Snowden 8e
British Red Cross nursing Maual No. 2 by Hester C. Parsons 8e
Landfall 119 Sept 1976 A New Zealand Quarterly printed & published by Caxton Press 8e
studies In The Gospel by St John J. Reeve 8e
Fugitive From Fear T. E. Wilson 8e
Oil Upton Siclair 8e
Modern Britain Denis Richards and J W Hunt 8e
Crime and Insanity C A Mercier donated by Mrs Nola Moss 8e
childhood, Boyhood, and Youth Lyof N. Tolstoi 8e
A Regional Geography for intermediate Frederick Mort 8e
My fathers House Grace Nies Fletcher 8e
Sartor Resartus Thomas Carlye 8e
The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas 8e
No Mean city Stuart Perry for Wellington city Council 8e
Woman In History Don Shepherd 8e
Allan Adair or Here and There In Many Lands Dr Gordon Stables 8e
Everybody's Story of New Zealand A H Reed 8e
Two Years Ago Macmillans colonial Library Charles Kingsley 8e
Keep Healthy Magery Renwick 8e
The New Zealand Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Stud Book Mr R Marshall 8e
Breakfast Dinner and Super How What and When J. E white M.D. and Mrs M.L. wanless 8e
The Vow Paul Trent 8e
An Echo of spring Lucy Gillen 8e
Florida Nurse Peggy Dern 8e
Nurse Rona Came To Rothmere Louise ellis 8e
The Promise Of The morning Grace Goodwin 8e
The Doctors Of Downlands Sheila Brandon 8e
Silent Heart Louise ellis 8e
Crisis At St Chads Theresa Charles 8e
Fly With My Love Edna Dawes 8e
Nina Rivers Secret Ann Durham 8e
Wyndham's Wife Jane Lester 8e
Three Nurses Louise ellis 8e
The Physicians Elizabeth Harrison 8e
Thea Margaret Maddocks 8e
Onus of Love x 2 Janey Blair 8e
Basic science series Heat Mcgraw- Hill far Eastern publishers 8e
Lover Betrayed Vivian Stuart 8e
The Temple Of Love Dorothy Osborne 8e
Legacy Without Love Grace Richmond 8e
Attached to Doctor Marchmont Juliet Shore 8e
Desert Romance Irene Ord 8e
Romance In Norway Cora Mayne 8e
prince Phillip a family portrait Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia 8e
History With a Future Keith Chivers 8e
History of Europe In the Nineteenth Century Benedetto Croce 8e
Head and Shoulders Virginia Myers 8e
Father of Nobody's children a portrait of Dr Barnardo Norman Wymer 8e
C T Stud Cricketer & Pioneer Norman Grubb 8e
A Time To Talk Counsellor and Counselled Felix Donnelly 8e
Eugenie & Napoleon 111 David Duff 8e
Madame Currie The great Biography by her daughter Eve Currie 8e
A Century's Challenge Wright Stephenson & Co 8e
A Sketch Map Geography J Hubert Walker 8e
Divination The book Company 8e
The Supernatural Earth The Book Company 8e
A Deep Flowing Christian Research Association 8e
The Tricksters Margaret Mahy 8e
Anatomy and physiology for Nurses Gowland & Cairney 8e
Bob Jones New Zealand the way I want It Bob Jones 8e
Manual of Seaman Vol 1 1937 Admirality 8e