Section 8-d
Title Author Section
Modern knitting Illustrated Jane Koster And Margaret Murray 8-d
Gifts You Can Make Yourself Odhams Press limited 8-d
Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 8-d
Raggylug Ernest Thompson Seton 8-d
History of the World's Greatest War by Jay Henry Mowbray 8-d
The return of heroic failures Stephen Pile 8-d
Lieutenant Hornblower C. S. Forester 8-d
Quentin Durward Sir Walter Scott 8-d
Kiwi At Large E. S. Allison 8-d
New Zealand Book Awards 1992 8-d
Elementary hydrostatics J. Hamblin smith 8-d
Me And Gus Frank S. Anthony & Francis Jackson 8-d
Little Nature stories by H. waddington Seers 8-d
Elsie's Young Folks Martha Finley 8-d
Some Are Lucky Phillip Wilson 8-d
Kilvert's Diary 1870 - 1879 edited by William Plomer 8-d
The Owl Hoot trail Dane Lander 8-d
History Of Britain book Iv 1815 Present day E. H. Carter 8-d
Peace In War Edward Seago 8-d
Readers Digest Large Type edition Feb.1991 Readers Digest 8-d
Readers Digest Large Type editionNov..1990 Readers Digest 8-d
Readers Digest Large Type edition July.1991 Readers Digest 8-d
recipe Book of the Mustard Club published By Mustard Club by J. & J. Coleman Ltd. 8-d
colonial Everyday Cookbook Whitcombe & Tombs 8-d
A`Courts business Handbook published by A`Courts publications Ltd. 8-d
Who's Who In Art & Craft Target publishing 8-d
Marvels Of The West Richard Halliburton 8-d
College Graduate's survival guide by Larry Cohen, Steve Zweig, & Caren Rubin 8-d
The skill Of Farmers J. A. Brundall 8-d
No Place For Men Peter Mulgrew 8-d
K. P. fertiliser Handbook for New Zealand Kempthorne, Prosser & CO's 8-d
Cub Leaders Handbook by. J. doweling 8-d
turning point Colin James & Alan McRobie 8-d
Control Of communicable Diseases In Man John E. Gordon 8-d
The Thorn Birds Colleen McCullough 8-d
Her Own choice by Ruth Lamb 8-d
Public reading From His Own Works by David Macrae 8-d
Secrets & stories of The War Readers Digest 8-d
Miss Bobbit Ethel Turner 8-d
A Tale Of Two Cities x2 Charles Dickens 8-d
The Cloister and the Hearth Charles Reade 8-d
Shirley Carlotte Bronte 8-d
Red Cross Diary 1985 Red Cross 8-d
actions And reactions Rudyard Kipling 8-d
Limits And Renewals Rudyard Kipling 8-d
Many Inventions Rudyard Kipling 8-d
Arthritis & Rheumatism Arthritis & Rheumatism foundation 8-d
The Sky And The Forest C. S. Forester 8-d
A selection of New Zealand & pacific Books Jan. 1985 Kea Books 8-d
Kea Books June 1985 catalogue 5 x2 Kea Books 8-d
A selection Of Rare And Out Of print Books Catalogue 4 Jan.1985 Kea Books 8-d
Kea Book Catalogue 8 Kea Books 8-d
Kea Book Catalogue 14 Kea Books 8-d
Kea Book Catalogue 19 Kea Books 8-d
Kea Book Catalogue 20 Kea Books 8-d
construction, renovation & Care Of The Bowling Green by E. Bruce Levy 8-d
Behind The Scenes At London Airport Norman Wymer 8-d
Goodbye To And Old friend Brian Freemantle 8-d
mountains of Tartary Eric Shipton 8-d
Agriculture For New Zealand by R. P. Connell 8-d
Johnnie by Dorothy B. Hughes 8-d
The Phar Lap Story Michael Wilkinson 8-d
The Ayres Of Studleigh Annie S. Swan 8-d
The first Book Of American expansion by Wyatt Blassingame 8-d
Decade Of Change edited by Peter A. Lane & Paul Hamer 8-d
The Crash of Mount Erebus, Antartica of A Dc10 Aircraft by authority: P. D. Hasselberge 8-d
Progressive Book Keeping exercises part 2 senior G. J. park 8-d
Progressive Book Keeping exercises part 1 junior G. J. Park 8-d
The New Zealand Scout's first Book published by The Boy Scouts Association 8-d
An Introduction to Trigonomerty W. A. C. smith 8-d
Telephone Counselling Gordon Hambly 8-d
Life Dec. 1 1913 8-d
education number 1 School publications Branch Department of education ( M. E. W.) 8-d
Kiri printed by Taranaki Newspapers Ltd. 8-d
Original Odhner 8-d
Wellington competitions society Inc. 1949 printed for Wellington competitions society Inc. 8-d
Mercantile Law In New Zealand Ward And Wild's 8-d
junior voices 1st Book edited by Geoffrey Summerfiels 8-d
junior voices 2nd Book edited by Geoffrey Summerfiels 8-d
The London magazine edited by Alan Ross 8-d
Open Account bank Of New South Wales Keith Sinclair & W. F. Mandle 8-d
Man To Man Tom Skinner With John Berry 8-d
The Maine Rebekahs Cook Book 1939 printed by The Rebekah Assembly 8-d
The House Of Reed 1957 - 1967 A. H. Reed & A. W. Reed 8-d
official Handbook of the legion Of Mary published by Concilum Legionis Mariae 8-d
Bee Keeping by Diane G. Stelley 8-d
junior voices 3rd book edited By Geoffrey Summerfield 8-d
Gemcraft Hugh Leiper 8-d
DR Bob And The Good Old Timers published By Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Ltd. 8-d
This Is Moscow Speaking and other stories Daniel Arzhak 8-d
Susan Devoy Out On Top Robyn Scott - Vincent 8-d
Littledene a New Zealand Rural community by H. C. D. Somerset 8-d
The half-Gallon Quarter Acre Pavlova Paradise Austin Mitchell 8-d
Feeding and Care Of Baby by Sir Truby King 8-d
The Diet Manual for Australian weight Watchers Allan Borushek 8-d
George Neipa The Golden Years Of Rugby Football by George Nepia & Terry McLean 8-d
Farm Tractors In Colour Michael Williams 8-d
No Grass Between My Toes Eve Rimmer & Garth Gilmour 8-d
Black Beech & Honeydew autobiography By Ngaio Marsh 8-d
animals At War Carolyn Barber 8-d