Section 8-c
Title Author Section
A Good housekeeping Cookery compendium compiled By The Good housekeeping institute 8-c
Mark Of The Lion The Story Of Charles Upham Kenneth Sanford 8-c
King Solomon's Mines retold by Alan Robertshaw 8-c
Blackwood's magazine Blackwood's advertiser 8-c
Our nation's Story Standard Iv Whitcombe & Tombs 8-c
Me And Gus again Frank S. Anthony & Francis Jackson 8-c
A Painted House John Grisham 8-c
A Century Of Love stories edited by Gilbert Frankau 8-c
pride And prejudice Jane Austen 8-c
The Health Consequences of the ICI fire Department Of Health 8-c
Punjab Pioneer Charles Reynolds 8-c
Wengernalp-und Jungfrau-Bahn Swiss tourist Pamphlet 8-c
The united nations & Human rights united nations 8-c
Peace Power & politics In Asia edited by Alister Taylor 8-c
Directions New Zealanders explore the meaning of Life Neville Glasgow 8-c
Welcome to Germany Press And information Office of the Federal Government Of Bonn 8-c
England Today In Pictures Odhams Press limited (M. E. W.) 8-c
The Story Of Wales Rhys davies 8-c
Textbook Of English History Osmund Airy 8-c
Our nation's Story Standard v Whitcombe & Tombs 8-c
The Story Of Big Ben by Alan Phillips 8-c
What IS Stonehenge published by Her Majesty's stationary Office 8-c
Billion Dollar Miracle Leslie Watkins 8-c
The Book Of the Farm by Henry Stephens 8-c
Sheep- O! The Story Of The Worlds fastest Shearers A. R. Mills 8-c
An American Ghost by Chester Aaron 8-c
Tradesman's Ready Calculator Of Measurements J. Stevenson 8-c
Sink The rainbow An enquiry Into The `Greenpeace affair' John Dyson 8-c
My first thirty Years Ralph L. Cross 8-c
This Man's Father Had My Father's Farm by T. Peter Hammond 8-c
Charge Of the white Brigade Valerie smith 8-c
For Better or Nurse Valerie smith 8-c
A Winter's Tales edited by A. D. Maclean 8-c
The Settlers In Canada captain Marryat 8-c
Modern medical Counsellor Hubert O. Swatout M. D. 8-c
ladies' Handbook by Eulalia S. Richards 8-c
Our Human body Readers Digest 8-c
Foods That Make You Lose weight or negative calories Isabelle martin 8-c
Address To A King Jean Watson 8-c
The Taranaki electric- Power Board Consumers' information printed By The Stratford Press 8-c
housewife's Household guide printed by W. J. Crawford 8-c
Detours A Journey Through Small- Town New Zealand Neville Peat 8-c
Strangers and Guests x2 A. Batistich 8-c
A New Day For Calabria Brenda Colloms 8-c
Napoli In Four Days tourist Brochure 8-c
Australia tourist Brochure 8-c
Your guide To Canberra tourist Brochure 8-c
Christ Church Cathedral printed by davies & Cannington Pty. Ltd 8-c
highlights of Australia's Tallest building A. M. P. Insurance Company 8-c
scenic railway Katoomba 8-c
Jenolan Caved published by N. S. W. Government tourist Bureau 8-c
Australia tourist Brochure 8-c
Jungfrau railway Switzerland printed by Frez Bros. Ltd. Zurich 8-c
Henny And Crispies x2 Naomi Mitchison 8-c
Hilary In Hospital Marilyn Duckworth 8-c
It's The same Old earth by Elise Locke 8-c
The Midnight People stories by Margaret Mahy 8-c
Seventy kilometres From Ice Cream A Letter from Joy Cowley 8-c
Shibu & Shanti by Padmini Sengupta 8-c
The Road To Ankara by S. C. George 8-c
Bharat & Manohar by A. Batistich 8-c
looking Back to tomorrow edited by W. R.Williams 8-c
Leap Into The Dark edited By Andrew Sharp 8-c
The Escape habit Joseph Orna 8-c
Lord Of The Southern Isles C. E. Fox 8-c
The oratorical trainer Thomas Padmore Hill 8-c
courtship & marriage Annie S. Swan 8-c
Britain And The Seas H. J. Mackinder 8-c
Young Bess Margaret Irwin 8-c
With Bat And Ball George Giffen 8-c
Born Free A Lioness of Two Worlds Adamson 8-c
I'M Ninety - five Any objections Christine Hunt 8-c
acting The first Six Lessons edited By Herbert Marshall 8-c
The Steel Square as a calculating machine by Albert fair 8-c
Araluen Adventures Nance Donkin 8-c
Austin's indispensable Handbook & General Educator Geo. L. Austin M. D. 8-c
Famous mysteries 8-c
Tug' Tow And Barge by Walter Osborne 8-c
Note On building and construction. Longmans, Green, and Co. 8-c
Yoga Karen Ross 8-c
The first twenty One Years Ann Newman 8-c
Paul by Glenda Laurence 8-c
Falter Tom and the Water Boy Murice Duggan 8-c
Let The People rejoice Warner Hutchinson & cliff Wilson 8-c
Dear Sam Peter Mahon 8-c
My friend My father Jane Duncan 8-c
A Shakespeare Anthology G. F. Maine 8-c
pride And prejudice Jane Austen 8-c
Blackies science For beginners animal physiology Vincent T. Murche 8-c
Kai Lung's Golden Hours Ernest Bramah 8-c
Schooldays memories by Mary Catherine Goulter 8-c
Shakespeare's Complete Works William Shakespeare 8-c
Condensed books Reader Digest 8-c
Sexual education of The young Woman Dr. Keller 8-c
Love, courtship, marriage Dr. Keller 8-c
Sexual Diseases and abnormalities Of Adult Life Dr. Keller 8-c
Mother And Baby Dr. Keller 8-c
Sex And society Dr. Keller 8-c
Sex And family Through The Ages Dr. Keller 8-c
Sexual education Of The Young Man Dr. Keller 8-c
Sexual Life Of Men And Women After Forty Dr. Keller 8-c
Disease And Problems Of Old Age Dr. Keller 8-c
The Complete Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 8-c
The Tower Of London Harrison Ainsworth 8-c