Section 8-b
Title Author Section
Collins New Clear - Type Dictionary Collins, London & Glasgow 8-b
nursing Manual The British red Cross 8-b
practical palmistry Henry Frith 8-b
Beautiful Wales Edward Thomas 8-b
You Might Be Ugly - But You're Nice Geoff Sinclair 8-b
The Steel Square Fred T. Hodgson 8-b
Fanny By The Gas Light Michael Sadleir 8-b
Modern Geography Book III Preece & Wood 8-b
enquire within Royal Tour Year edition Crawford print 8-b
Edmond Sure To Rise Cookery Book 5th edition T. J. Edmonds Ltd. 8-b
A first Book Of electricity & magnetism W. Perren Maycock, M. I. E. E. 8-b
Faery Queene, Book 1 edited By G. W. Kitchin 8-b
Kim Rudyard Kipling 8-b
festival Plays Book ! edited BY Arthur B. Lock 8-b
Matthews On gardening R. E. Harrison 8-b
The Governor Keith Abedein 8-b
The getting Of Wisdom Henry Handell Richardson 8-b
plumbing, soldering & brazing For Amateurs by F. Gardner 8-b
The New Zealand engineering, Coachbuilding, Aircraft and Related Trades industrial union of Workers published By joint union Services Ltd. 8-b
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte 8-b
Home mechanics Nelson's Hobby Books edited By Arch. Williams 8-b
Pitman's Shorthand Instructor Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd. 8-b
The Illustrated New Zealand Garden Dictionary J. W. Matthews 8-b
Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak 8-b
The Wonder Book Of Why & What printed By Ward, Lock & Co., limited. 8-b
senior Songs Childrens Book 1966 R. E. Owen Government printer 8-b
Nicholl's seamanship And nautical Knowledge Charles H. Brown 8-b
Dombey and Sons Charles Dickens 8-b
Queen Victoria Her Life And Times Volume 1 1819 - 1861 Cecil Woodham - smith 8-b
Africa Overland Ian Finlay & Trish Sheppard 8-b
The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare published by spring Books, London 8-b
The Book Of Lists #2 Irving, Amy, & Sylvia Wallace & David Wallechinsky 8-b
Modern School mathematics 2 Structure and Use printed by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston 8-b
Digital research DOS 6.0 Digital Research Ltd. 8-b
Modern School mathematics Structure & Use 3 printed by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston 8-b
Lois Remembers printed by T. H. Best printing Company limited 8-b
The Licence guide Land Transport Safety authority 8-b
The fight against Slavery Terence Brady & Evan Jones 8-b
War Time rationing Cookery Book The Red Cross 8-b
science News 49 penguin Books 8-b
Kiwi & Moa New Zealand's unique Flighless Birds by Murdoch Riley 8-b
How to Get Lost And found In New Japan John W. McDermott 8-b
More animal stories by Chas. G. D. Roberts 8-b
pacific Pilgrimage A Pictorial View of Pope John Paul Ii's Visit Nov 22-24, 1986 printed by Inprint New Zealand 8-b
This Is The first T. V. quiz book Literary Press, Glasgow 8-b
Lambeth '68 printed For the Lambeth Conference 1968 8-b
Best Sellers (Jaws & The Dogs Of War) From The Readers Digest Condensed Books 8-b
The days Work Rudyard Kipling 8-b
The Seven seas Rudyard Kipling 8-b
The second Jungle book Rudyard Kipling 8-b
From Sea to Sea x2 Rudyard Kipling 8-b
Sense And sensibility Jane Austen 8-b
Northanger Abbey & persuasion Jane Austen 8-b
Complete Catalogue & Cultural guide Duncan & davies Ltd. 8-b
The stars Are dark Peter Cheyney 8-b
In Search Of Wales H. V. Morton 8-b
Readers Digest March 1988 Readers Digest 8-b
Readers Digest March 1994 Readers Digest 8-b
Readers Digest October 1994 Readers Digest 8-b
Readers Digest June 1985 Readers Digest 8-b
Readers Digest April 1994 Readers Digest 8-b
Readers Digest March 1991 Large - Type edition Readers Digest 8-b
Old Gold A Book Of fables And Parables edited By Stephen Southwold 8-b
Boundless Love by Ida G. Scott 8-b
It's About friends Geoff Sinclair 8-b
scouting For Boys Lord Baden - Powell 8-b
strike Force Falklands (operation Exocet) Adam Hardy 8-b
The Book Of prescriptions by E. W. Lucas Donated By Mrs Nola Moss 8-b
The New Diet Does It Gayelord Hauser 8-b
enquire within fourth edition W. J. Crawford printers 8-b
Wild Wales By George Borrow 8-b
The Psalms Of David Oxford university Press 8-b
Brother Saul Donn Byrne 8-b
The Old curiosity Shop Charles Dickens 8-b
pride & prejudice Jane Austen 8-b
Whitcombe's Complete New Zealand Gardener J. A. McPherson 8-b
Macram'e Eirian Short 8-b
Work And Play H. Bushnell D. D. 8-b
Majesty Elizabeth II And The House Of Windsor Robert Lacey 8-b
Sullivan's Eighth Book Of cross Words Norman Sullivan 8-b
Mountbatten Hero Of Our Time Richard Hough 8-b