Section 8-a
Title Author Section
After All these Years Susan Isaacs 8-a
The Only Place to Be Joan Juliet Buck 8-a
The House Of A Thousand Lanterns Victoria Holt 8-a
Bravo Two Zero Andy McNab 8-a
Dark Angel Sally Beauman 8-a
St valentine's Night Andrew M. Greeley 8-a
The Charmed Circle Catherine Gaskin 8-a
Jackaroo Cynthia Voigt 8-a
Jason's Motels & Motor Lodges of New Zealand 1998 Jason publishing Co. Ltd. 8-a
New Zealand Gardens Open To Visit 2000 edition Denis & Jillian friar 8-a
Take Wing Lean Little 8-a
In The Frame Dick Francis 8-a
memories Of Murder Tony Fletcher 8-a
People Like Us Dominick Dunne 8-a
Strong medicine Arthur Hailey 8-a
Snow Wolf Glenn Meade 8-a
Silence Of the Lambs Thomas Harris 8-a
Aromatherary for Scented Awareness Judith white & Karen Day 8-a
The Bretheren John Grisham 8-a
Sisters Jackie Callas 8-a
Mansfield Park Jane Austen 8-a
The fist Of God Frederick Forsyth 8-a
possessions Judith Michael 8-a
Code Ezra Gay Courter 8-a
missing Pieces Joy fielding 8-a
spring Moon Bette Baolord 8-a
scales Of passion Shirley Eskapa 8-a
Koko Peter Straub 8-a
Trauma P. J. O'Shaughnessy 8-a
decision At Delph Helen MacInnes 8-a
child Possessed David St Clair 8-a
The Ghost of Hidden springs Meg Holly Beth Walker 8-a
The Sun In The morning M. M. Kaye 8-a
Purnell's Encyclopaedia of Sport Purnell Books' Maiden Head 8-a
Typewriting For Today Rosemary Stanners & Beryl W. Turner 8-a
British Books In print printed By J. Whitaker & Sons Ltd. 8-a
Newnes Home Management Volume 1 printed by Hazell Watson & Viney Ltd. 8-a
Newnes Home Management Volume 2 printed by Hazell Watson & Viney Ltd. 8-a
children's Encyclopaedia volume 4 originated & edited by Arthur Mee 8-a
Far East & Australasia 1974 Europa publications 8-a
science & mechanics publisher B. G. Davis 8-a
Sellys Handyman guide published By Ure publications 8-a
Encyclopaedia of Inventions published By Marshall Cavendish Books Ltd. 8-a