Section 7 c
Title Author Section
Carrington of N Z W G Carrington 7 c
George family 1874- 1981 Pat George 7 c
The Billing family Tree x 2 E Joy Muir 7 c
Fodyce family Brenda Kendall 7 c
Topless Tales 1875-1995 Sandra & Kevin Rowan 7 c
The Jury family 31 March 1841 Len Jury 7 c
Trott family Reunion 1988 Mauveen Davey 7 c
Diary Ledger of Richard Hicks and Richard Thomas Hicks Don G & P Fraser 7 c
Hamblyn family History Plymouth to New Plymouth Fitzroy district 1841-1976 M N Shaw 7 c
looking Back greetings From The Hughson family by Eileen Decima Dickson Don by Lynne Purchase 7 c
music Throughout My Life by Eileen Decima Dickson Don by Lynne Purchase 7 c
Shetland The History of The Hughson family Onekura Minarapa Geoffrey Hughson 7 c
Hughsons Golden Jubilee Opunake Drapery Opunake Shop Opened Feb 17th 1919 x 2 Don Arthur Hughson/L Purchase 7 c
Hughson Centennial 1880--1980 B V Hughson 7 c
A family Tree Hunt The Road From The British Isles To New Zealand x 2 R M Hunt 7 c
Hunt family Tree R m hunt 7 c
Thomas Floyd/Caroline Browne Floyd family Reunion 2-3 June 1984 Don by Ted & Betty Hill 7 c
family Tree of Johnathon David Iremonger Don by Paul Williamson 7 c
A Geary gathering At Opunake Oct 1992 1892-1992 Don by Norma Geary 7 c
The Kurowski family In New Zealand 1876-1990 Richard and Sandra Singleton 7 c
William and Mary Flay of Bombay New Zealand Don by Colin Flay 7 c
Judd --1991 Jocelyn Fisher 7 c
The family of Thomas Jackson and Harriet Judd Jocelyn Fisher 7 c
The Julian Jigsaw Index x 2 Pat George 7 c
The Jullian Jigsaw x 2 Madge Malcolm 7 c
The Lambert family Keith N Lambert 7 c
Nicol family Tree Don by Dianne Dallas Waitara 7 c
My Name In Pakeho Allen Lemburg 7 c
Thomas Frances Winstanley Davis collection Nelson provincial Museum 7 c
Kendall family Brenda Kendall 7 c
Roebuck family Brenda Kendall 7 c
Pearce family Brenda Kendall 7 c
Clement kinship In New Zealand Charles Clement Hawera/Roma Jenkins Eltham 7 c
Henry Witmore Witmore family 7 c
family History Patches The Logans Lesley Reid 7 c
family History Patches The Lloyds Marie Rowlands 7 c
Dombrowski Families Dombrowski 7 c
The family History of Douglas Mary McKain vol 2 Don by Peter Winter 7 c
memories of The Past Micheal Fitzsimmons 7 c
Descendants of Douglas Mary McKain Vol 1 Peter Winter 7 c
The Yoeman Pioneer the Story of George and Sally Giddy and their family Joyce Giddy 7 c
The Mason family Tree 1842--1972 Mona Kerr 7 c
The Hall, King, Arms, and Kerr Families their Ancestors and Descendants Vol 1 Molly Eileen Pearce ( nee Arms) 7 c
Births Deaths and marriages of New Zealand Ducketts and Duckitts Anne Sanford 7 c
William Lord & Susan Chisman family Notes 7 c
The George family History The Tarata George's Ancestors and Descendants O Joseph and Matilda George Pat George and Chris Lambert 7 c
Allport family records Mrs Judy Shanks 7 c
Stephen Barrow Tom ellis 7 c
Iggulden Index Report Tom ellis 7 c
New Zealand Ducketts and their Descendants Ann Sanford 7 c
Butler S martin 7 c
The Sarten Story Taranaki Pioneers Don Sarten 7 c
Edward and Lucy Sarten Mrs P Fraser 7 c
Records of John David Adlam L M Ward 7 c