Section 7 a
Title Author Section
What Did Dad Tell Me Once 115 L Hicks sept 1985 7 a
What Did Dad Tell Me Once 119 L Hicks sept 1985 7 a
The Riley family x 2 Everlyn Hickling 7 a
Pearn Pioneers Cornwall /Taranaki Pearn Descendants 7 a
Life At Sea A Voyage To New Zealand John Fines 7 a
Laurence 111 Glenwyss Brooks 7 a
O'Reilly family Reunion 1983 117 O'Reilly family 7 a
Betty Reeve Her Kith and Kin 114 7 a
Messenger A family History Richard Kennedy- Moffat 7 a
smith family Reunion 16th April 1983 smith family 7 a
150 Years of Settlement 1840 1990 John Hawke family Jocelyn Fisher 7 a
Allen family Tree Jocelyn Fisher 7 a
Parker family Tree 1857 /1986 Jocelyn Fisher 7 a
The and Locke Families 1842/1995 The New Zealand connection Marsh /Locke Committee 7 a
Descendants of John Andrews & Rebekah Wines In New Zealand Brenda Kendall 7 a
Attenborough town, maps, name List, Rona Hooson 7 a
Parker family Tree Robert Hall 7 a
William Messenger's Diaries 1859-1860 1872-1873 1875 William Messenger 7 a
William and Agnes Murdoch Syme Lorraine Collingwood 7 a
The Bryants of Ohariu Shirley Arabin 7 a
The family of Ole Berntsen & Elsie Rasmussen Jocelyn Fisher 1986 7 a
Henry Hadley Brown family Tree Brown family 7 a
Chittenden family Mrs Chittenden 7 a
Broughton family Broughton 7 a
The Browne family Cyril Browne 7 a
Lye /Hood family P M French 7 a
Harris/Pullen Beer/Spargo Hall Mrs Farguhar 7 a
Jones family E T Jones 7 a
The Barrow Bunch family Tree 1840- 1992 Tom ellis 7 a
William Jones and Sarah Ann Barrow, Kent to Wellington 1840-----2002 Present By Tom ellis 7 a
James Barrow Thurnham To Wellington 1840---- 1999 x 2 Tom ellis 7 a
Descendants of Charles Barrow Tom ellis 7 a
The Barrow Bunch form Kent to Ballarat Jesse and Harriet Barrow Tom ellis 7 a
family History Report of John William Nicol & Caroline Emma Iggulden Tom ellis 7 a
Descendant Report of George Mexted & Emily Barrow Tom ellis 7 a
The Barrow Bunch family Tree 1840- 1992 x2 Tom ellis 7 a
Jordan Reunion 1841--1977 M W 7 a
Garner family Tree Noeline smith 7 a
It's the Irish In You Nigel Murphy 7 a
Descendants of George & Emma Bird 1900--2000 George W Bird 7 a
McEldowney family From Ireland to New Zealand 1998 Belinda Jones 7 a
The Loaded Dice Irene Hunt 7 a