Section 7-e
Title Author Section
New horizons John Pearn & Vena Pearn 7-e
Miller companions Gordon Miller 7-e
Gallop family Tree 1994 Jocelyn Fisher 7-e
Samuel & Eliza Whitehead x3 Donald Sarten 7-e
Yours etc., Joseph F. Pease By Christine Clement 7-e
family of John Shore published By Robert G. Douglas 7-e
Kelly family Ian Kelly / Margaret cole,etc 7-e
New Zealand Cottles 1975 A. C. A. Palliser 7-e
Bell family compiled by the Bell family for the family Reunion 7-e
William & Sarah Marsh & the West pedigree compiled by Brenda Kendall 7-e
Richards Reed Mirren manning 7-e
Charles Armitage Brown family Tree Beverly A. Mitchell 7-e
Steels D. J. Steel & L Taylor 7-e
Miles family Tree In New Zealand 1856 - 1985 compiled by Judith Mary Holder 7-e
Dyer family Elizabeth Koh 7-e
Lineham / Lansberry donated by Wayne Lineham 7-e
Berghan family Tree donated by Mrs Colleen smith 7-e
A Geary gathering 7-e
Christiansen family History donated by Mrs. M. Woodhead 7-e
Brooklyn Valley Story, Bush to farms Trevor H. Barrow 7-e
Hall/Bennett/King 7-e
Pioneer Vercoes History & family tree 1841 - 1978 By Selwyn Vercoe 7-e
Henry Handley Brown donated by Wayne Brown 7-e
Andrews family Tree x2 compiled By Irene waswo 7-e
A good West Country Name, James and Betsy Wiils's family Norman Wills 7-e
Charles & Jane Blackborne's family Joan Burgess (M.E.W) 7-e
Simon Andrews & Jane Gibson Brenda Kendall 7-e
Terrill family Tree Mary Dobson 7-e
Sampson family of New Zealand Jocelyn Fisher 7-e
Todds In Tears, toil & triumph 1640s - 1990s Allan Todd 7-e
Herbert / Wills family 7-e
Purdie family Brenda Kendall 7-e
Bracegirdle family Tree x2 Mrs David Dobson 7-e
Donald & Mary McKay of Melness, Pigeon Bay Jane Jackman & Alison McCardle 7-e