Section 7-b
Title Author Section
Judd - Fisher family History Per Jocelyn Fisher 7-b
Judd - 1991 Index compiled by Jocelyn Fisher 7-b
The Sampson family of New Zealand 1842- 1987 Presented by Jocelyn Fisher 7-b
150 years from England 1839 - 1989 The family of Isaac Fisher Presented by Jocelyn Fisher 7-b
Henry Luxton and Jean Rattenbury 1882- 1971 copied and donated by Keith Luxton 7-b
The Lambies 1st 100 years In New Zealand by Jean Alison Toroaiwhiti 7-b
Galletly Brenda Kendall 7-b
John and Mary Johns(t)on 1841-1991 Norma J Bethune 7-b
The Halls of Hurangi Maggie swain 7-b
Thomason Reunion 1874-1979 Clementina Linklater 7-b
The Descendants of William Samuel Allen M E 7-b
Radcliff M W 7-b
Adlam family L M Ward 7-b
Interludes From The pioneering Days Of The Frank family And The Life And experiences Of Ernest Melville Frank E M frank 7-b
Billing M E 7-b
bailey Michelle Saelmans 7-b
Iggulden family History Tom ellis 7-b