Section 4-c
Title Author Section
A Genealogical Handbook of German Research, revised edition Larry O. Jensen 4-c
Copenhagen Medley Gunnar Buchwald and Ebbe Fog 4-c
How to find my German ancestors and relatives Dr. Heinz F. Friedrichs 4-c
The countries of North-Western Europe, second edition F. J. Monkhouse 4-c
Fun and names or how to dig your family historywithout really prying George D. Durrant and Noel R. Barton 4-c
In search of ancestry Gerald Hamilton-Edwards 4-c
Worldwide Family History Noel Currer-Briggs 4-c
Holiday Haunts 1935 Guidebook 4-c
Communications and Transport Author unknown 4-c
Southwick Parish News, March 1972 Newsletter 4-c
The General next to God - the story of William Booth and the Salvation Army Richard Collier 4-c
Murchison, New Zealand - how a settlement emerges from the Bush J. R. Grigg 4-c
British Red Cross Society, first-aid manual, No. 1. Eighth edition St. J. D. Buxton 4-c
Postcard Author unknown 4-c
Questions and Exercises on Theory of Music, with hints on working William Cole 4-c
Whitehaven to Washington Elizabeth Lawrence-Dow and Daniel Hay 4-c
A Hundred Years Old - The story of the Parish of St. Thomas from 1848 to 1949 Mary S. Palmier 4-c
The Japan of today Ministry of Foreign Affairs 4-c
Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas Photo book 4-c
All about Captain Cook Armstrong Perry 4-c
The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names. E. G. Withycombe 4-c
Hong Kong Tourist Association Official Guidebook Hong Kong Tourist Association 4-c
The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1989 Edited by Mark S. Hoffman 4-c
Japan Almanac, 1994 Author Unknown 4-c
Hymns of Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands Hymn book 4-c
The nature of Norfolk Island Neville Coleman 4-c
Norfolk Island, "The madeira of the Pacific" - a guide to the best. Visitors booklet 4-c
The modern world - Britain J. H. Huizinga 4-c
History Hunter Victor E. Neuberg 4-c
A guide to Birmingham Visitors booklet 4-c
Nottinghamshire Family History Society, Records Series, Vol. 27, Monumental Inscriptions Nottinghamshire Family History Society 4-c
Discovering Local History David Iredale 4-c
How it began - epiodes in the story of Australia Reader's Digest Association 4-c
Sacred Heart, Hamilton, 1967 Yearbook 4-c
Canada, 1953. The official handbook of present conditions and recent progress Prepared by the Department of Trade and Commerce, Ottawa 4-c
We Japanese Atsuharu Sakai 4-c
Welcome to the Federal Republic of Germany, 1985 Guidebook 4-c
Welcome to the Federal Republic of Germany, 1986 Guidebook 4-c
Outlook Berlin Ernst Luuk 4-c
100 Years in Pitt Street - Centenary History. Pitt Street Methodist Church, Auckland E. W. Hames 4-c
Lively Ghosts - Tales of the sea Olaf Ruhen 4-c
Pears Cyclopaedia, 1976-1977, Eighty-fifth edition Cyclopaedia 4-c
Pears Cyclopaedia, 1984-1985, Ninety-third edition Cyclopaedia 4-c
Norfolk Island Cookery Book - with local words and phrases The Sunshine Club, Norfolk Island 4-c
Royal School Series - A Simple History of England, Illustrated Workbook 4-c
The Broadsman David Dane 4-c
Norfolk Island, an outline of its history, 1774-1977 Merval Hoare 4-c
Cromwell, New Zealand - a visitors' guide and souvenir Cromwell District Promotion Group 4-c
The Scots Magazine, October 1995 Magazine 4-c
Pamir - the story of a sailing ship Sydney D. Waters 4-c
Doddington - An Illustrated survey and guide Guidebook 4-c
The Anglo-Saxon Churches of Hertfordshire T. P. Smith 4-c
All London Text by Eric Restall 4-c
Westhoughton - Official Guide Guidebook 4-c
British Sheep Breeds Elizabeth Henson 4-c
Jerusalem and the Holy Land Berlitz Travel Guide 4-c
Travel in South Africa O. Zachariah 4-c
All about Galloway and Dumfreiesshire Guidebook 4-c
Burke's Pastime Series - Sailing Gilbert Hackforth-Jones 4-c
Holiday Haunts, 1935 Guidebook 4-c
Indonesia, Destination of endless diversity Pamphlet 4-c
The Von Luckner Incident Paul Titchener 4-c
The Royal Hospital, Chelsea Guidebook 4-c
Beautiful Norfolk Island Guidebook 4-c
Norfolk Island Commonwealth of Australia, Territory of Norfolk Island 4-c
The Norfolk Islander, Vol. 28; No. 6; Saturday, 14th November, 1992 Norfolk Island Newspaper 4-c
The Norfolk Islander, Vol. 28; No. 5; Saturday, 7th November, 1992 Norfolk Island Newspaper 4-c
Norfolk Island - Living history Monika Schumacher, Rosalie Trower, Howard Hanstein 4-c
Norfolk Island, South Pacific Pamphlet 4-c
Colonial Era Cemetery of Norfolk Island R. Nixon Dalkin 4-c
Westcountry books - list of books published in 1993 List 4-c
Economic History of Britain - form the earliest times to 1730 Sir John Clapham 4-c
A History of Britain and the British people, Vol. 2; Freedom's own island Arthur Bryant 4-c
The World of Knowledge Encyclopedia, Vol. 1; A - An Encyclopedia 4-c