Section 10g/h/i
Title Author Section
Gairloch 10g/h/i
Gates Bill 10g/h/i
Gedye 10g/h/i
Genealogy x 4 10g/h/i
Genealogy family trees 10g/h/i
Genealogy P.Relations copied from day book July 1994 M W 10g/h/i
Genealogy introducing Basics 10g/h/i
Genealogy medical Tree 10g/h/i
Genealogy 1995 Reports 10g/h/i
Genetics June 1996 10g/h/i
German Research Incl Huse and Glebe Per Rae Cross 10g/h/i
Gilbert & Sullivan 10g/h/i
Girling family of William James 10g/h/i
Goffin 10g/h/i
Golden Kiwi Tickets Cora Ainsworth 10g/h/i
Goode Taranaki Herald Erin Potroz 10g/h/i
Govett Brewster Art Gallery Poetry Books 10g/h/i
Grave Stones 10g/h/i
Greater London 10g/h/i
Grobe Horatio 10g/h/i
Govt printing Office History of N Z Police 10g/h/i
Grocery Order 1950 sample from Mrs Vera Attenborough 1992 10g/h/i
Grundy Fred 10g/h/i
guide to Research Resources In Taranaki 10g/h/i
Gyde Gollop 10g/h/i
Haddon x 2 10g/h/i
Hall Robert 10g/h/i
Hamblyn Bussell 10g/h/i
Hamilton 10g/h/i
Hammond 10g/h/i
Happened In N Z Ross Gore 10g/h/i
Hardiman Watkins 10g/h/i
Harrison Jack 10g/h/i
Hartley Lilian Hartley Researcher 10g/h/i
Hawera Genealogy Group 10g/h/i
Hazard 10g/h/i
Health x 2 10g/h/i
Heberley recd 15/1/1998 George Watson 10g/h/i
Hennessy family 1999 10g/h/i
Herald NZ 8 May 1965 10g/h/i
Herald NZ 16 April 1981 2 Jan 1990 10g/h/i
heraldic enterprises P O Box 1499 Paraparaumu Beach 10g/h/i
heritage buildings New Plymouth 27Sep !975 10g/h/i
Hero 10g/h/i
Hewitt 10g/h/i
Hicks x 2 10g/h/i
Horsup Hilda May 1909-2000 10g/h/i
Hill Mc Roberts H Phillips 29 Oct 1991 10g/h/i
Historic Places Trust 5 May 1872 10g/h/i
History Asst Photographs Newspaer Focus New Plymouth Taranaki 21 Nov - 1964-3 Oct 1964-17 Oct 1964 3 Apr 1965& 3 undated 10g/h/i
Hogan 10g/h/i
Holy trinity Church Fitzroy 10g/h/i
Hook Families copied 29 Mar 1991 Audry priest Barriball's Records 10g/h/i
Hooper Waitara 4/7/1997 10g/h/i
Horne family Tree per Rae Blyde 10g/h/i
Houses plus Waitara Views 10g/h/i
Hospital colonial 1904 10g/h/i
Howrah 10g/h/i
Huguenotts 10g/h/i
Hulke William Bell Block Cemetery 10g/h/i
Hursthouse - Wells 10g/h/i
Hurworth 10g/h/i
Hutton 10g/h/i
I G I Micro fiche print outs 10g/h/i
19 Feb 1972 10g/h/i
Inglewood Obituaries don by Mrs Floss Lambert Aug 1995 10g/h/i
Incident Report Original 26 May 1998 10g/h/i
Internal affairs Link Clinic per Janice Herbert Nov 1992 10g/h/i
Ireland Peasant and His Land 10g/h/i